New York Women's Culinary Alliance

Challah Baking for the New Jewish Home

Stacy Pearl

Challah Baking for the New Jewish Home

By Stacy Pearl / 09-Nov-2017

NYWCA members met on November 9, 2017 at the JCC on Amsterdam Avenue in Manhattan to learn about challah baking as well as perform a community service. 


The class was led by new member and current JCC Culinary Program Manager, Jen Cinclair, along with former Culinary Program Manager, Irene Yager, who ran the program for 11 years.


The NYWCA team created challah rolls from proofed dough made from a JCC Community Cookbook recipe. The rolls were glazed, baked, and delivered to the New Jewish Home on 106th street in preparation for Shabbat dinner.  


After a fun evening of baking, enjoying snacks and warm challah, and sharing culinary experiences, the volunteers received bags of dough to bake at home. 


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