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Cocktail Club: Pisco

Photo by Lora Wiley

Cocktail Club: Pisco

By Lora Wiley / 12-Feb-2018

“Compounded of the shavings of cherub’s wings, the glory of a tropical dawn, the red clouds of sunset and the fragments of lost epics by dead masters.” — Rudyard Kipling describing Pisco, 1889

Although Kipling’s description of Pisco production is deeply poetic, the NYWCA Cocktail Club recently convened for a Pisco tasting to learn practically about Pisco production. 

Upon arrival, NYWCA Members were greeted with a refreshing glass of Pisco Punch and treated to a spread of finger sandwiches, hummus, plantain chips, dips, and crudités.  Then we settled down to the business of Pisco tasting lead by charming Lizzie Asher, co-founder with her sister Melanie of the Pisco brand Macchu Pisco. 

Lizzie presented a lively and fun lesson on Pisco making while members sampled and learned about three styles of Pisco and the eight grapes used to create the spirit from five regions in Peru.

After the tasting, there was a demonstration on how to make three more Pisco cocktails, the famous Pisco Sour, the orange flavored Pan Americano and the Chilicano, a relative to the Moscow Mule, known alternately as the “Lima Llama”. Then members were invited to try their hand at mixing these delicious Pisco cocktails themselves. 

A huge thank you to the Cocktail Club committee, Francine Cohn, Myra Kornfield for hosting us in her beautiful apartment, and to Lizzie Asher for this delightful mini trip to the Pisco region of Peru through the lens of understanding Pisco. Salud!

Event Photographer/Reporter was Lora Wiley (

Pisco Varieties

NYWCA Cocktail Club attendees listening to the Pisco history lesson 

NYWCA members watching the Pisco cocktail demo by Lizzie Asher

Cocktail Club Instructor and Macchu Pisco co-founder Lizzie Asher sampling the Pisco Sour

NYWCA members were treated to a spread of finger sandwiches, hummus, plantain chips, dips, and crudités

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