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Ethiopia-Smoothie Mash-Up: Health Meets Harlem

Photo Credit: Jeri Jackson

Ethiopia-Smoothie Mash-Up: Health Meets Harlem

By Jeri Jackson / 26-May-2015

The“Oasis Jimma Juice Bar and Ethiopian Café” established by Abdi Abajebel in 2012.

Abdi creates fresh juice combinations, healthy alternatives to what’s available in the neighborhood. For our visit he prepared a three-layer creation:  avocado on the bottom, mango in the middle, and berry on top.  

Abdi thinks of food as medicine and he wants to give the best to his customers “in health, nutrition, taste, quality and affordability.”

Mindful of health and nutrition Abdi prepares Ethiopian dishes, made more healthful using less oil, salt and animal products. He offered us a buffet of nearly a dozen dishes, almost all vegetarian.

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