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The application deadline is 11:59pm, Wednesday, May 24, 2017.

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The New York Women’s Culinary Alliance is a participatory organization that encourages members to become involved in programs, events, committees, and fundraising functions. This results in a group of active and involved women in the culinary field.

To be considered for membership in the NYWCA:

  • Applicant must work full-time in the food or beverage industry for a minimum average of 30 hours/week.
  • Applicant must work or reside in the metro New York City area.

To retain membership in good standing in NYWCA, members must do one of the following each year:

  • Sponsor or give a program or food demonstration
  • Become an active member of a committee
  • Perform a specific function for the organization
  • Attend a minimum of four programs/events

I work full-time in the food or beverage industry for a minimum average of 30 hours/week
and reside or work in metro NYC.

The NYWCA thrives on member commitment. Please indicate in order of preference (1 and 2) which Committee/s you are interested in participating in to support the Alliance. Every effort will be made to honor your preferences.

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(If so, please briefly describe your program idea.)

Would you like to earn credits by volunteering to assist with the planning of an event or special project?

 Yes, I can volunteer with event/project planning 
 Yes, I’d like to volunteer at events

Most programs are hosted in Manhattan; please indicate other areas in the immediate Tri-State area you would like to see events hosted:

Most programs are scheduled weekday evenings; please indicate other times you would like to see events being organized?


If you know locations and event spaces that might be suitable for NYWCA  programs (e.g., boardrooms, classrooms, restaurants, civic/community centers), please list below. If possible please share a contact and phone number or email.

Are there events, either educational or fun, that you’ve attended that were particularly memorable? If so, please list and describe what made it special. This information will help us plan future events.

Skills and Interests

Please indicate which skills/interests, whether or not they apply to your job or to the food industry, that you would be willing to share to support the Alliance.

Data Management
Event Planning
Video Production
Website Management

Directory Networking Index

Please list up to three (3) categories that best describe your primary professional activity. If you select more than three, only the first three (in alphabetical order) will be included in the directory in the networking section. This is a valuable networking tool, so complete this section with that in mind.

Baker/Cake Designer
Book Publishing/Packager
Cheese Specialist
Chef, Cook
Chef, Pastry
Chef, Private
Cooking School, Owner/Admin
Copy Editor
Culinary Educator
Culinary Guide/Escort
Editor, Digital
Editor, Food and Wine
Editor, Travel
Event/Conference Planner
Food Manufacturer/Importer/Wholesaler
Food Photographer
Food Producer/Grower
Food Scientist/Technologist
Food Stylist
Food Stylist Assistant
Food Tech, Digital
Foodservice Facility Manager
Home Economist
Literary Agent
Product Development
Prop Stylist
Public Relations
Radio/Podcast Production
Recipe Developer
Recipe Tester
Restaurant, Foodservice Consultant
Restaurant, Owner/Manager
Social Media/Content Marketing
Spokesperson - Media
Test Kitchen Professional
TV/Video Production
Wine/Beverage Professional
Writer, Food and Wine
Writer, Travel

If you have an area of special focus or expertise within a category please list it below. Some examples include a type of cuisine, either ethnic or health (e.g. Brazilian, vegan, diabetes) or specific beverage (e.g. spirits, teas), special educational focus, sustainability or organics, artisanal foods, business development, media training, appliances, or cooking technique.


Annual dues of $150 may be paid by credit card using the form below, or by company or personal check or money order payable to New York Women’s Culinary Alliance. (Please ensure that your name appears on your check or money order.)

Once completed, please submit your application with the SUBMIT button below by 11:59pm on Wednesday, May 24, 2017. If not paying by credit card, promptly send your check or money order to cover your dues to:

Nancy Jessup
NYWCA Reactivating Member Vice Chair
124 76th Street
North Bergen, NJ  07047

Thank you! The board will review your application and you will be notified of your acceptance by end of June 2017. We will promptly return your payment if you are not eligible for membership. We hope to welcome you back!

If you have any questions, please contact Nancy Jessup at 201-344-3117 or via email with NYWCA in the subject line.

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