New York Women's Culinary Alliance

New York Women’s Culinary Alliance
2017–18 Application for Student Members

Application deadline is 11:59 pm, Wednesday, May 24, 2017.

Please note that the information you enter here will appear in all your member records, including the printed Member Directory, so you are asked to enter all your contact information accurately using standard capitalization and correct punctuation. Thank you.




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Online Information

Please note that if you include complete URLs, they will automatically be hyperlinked, which will enable members to network with you more efficiently.

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Alliance Overview

Student Members are provided with discounted dues of $65.00/year. If you are a student in a multi-year program and would like to maintain your $65 per year membership, you must attend two (2) events and volunteer for two (2) events each Alliance membership year. If you are a student who is attending a program of less than a year, you will be eligible for an initial student membership rate of $65. Thereafter, you will renew (earning 4 credits a year) and pay as a full member.

Please indicate your membership application status:
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For new student members only:

 School instructor (please name):
 Friend/colleague who is a member (her name): (how did you find it?):
 Media (please specify):
 Other (please specify):

For reactivating student members only:

Please indicate clearly how you earned your required credits this past year. Provide the name of the program, the level of activity (volunteered, attended), and the number of credits earned. The cutoff for credits for this year is Wednesday, May 31, 2017. Since the application is due before May 31, please add programs that you plan to attend until then. Note that programs attended after May 31 will count for the 2018-19 season. If you can't recall all the events you have attended, you can check NYWCA's Past Programs page to jog your memory, or revisit your personal calendar and credit card statements. We will cross-check with our records. 

Event/Date Activity Credits Earned
e.g.: Fall Potluck, 10/16 Attended; manned sign-in table 2


Committees and Activities

The NYWCA thrives on member commitment at all levels. If you are interested in joining a committee, please indicate one or two below. As a student member, committee participation is encouraged but not mandatory.

Most programs are hosted in Manhattan; please indicate other areas in the immediate Tri-State area you would like to see programs hosted:

Most programs are scheduled weekday evenings; please indicate other times you would like to see events being organized:


Skills and Interests

Please indicate which skills/interests, whether or not they apply to your culinary training or to the food industry, that you would be willing to share to support the Alliance.

Data Management
Event Planning
Video Production
Website Management

Are there other functions you would like to perform? If so, please describe.


Student dues are $65.00 and may be paid by credit card using the form below, or by personal check or money order payable to New York Women’s Culinary Alliance postmarked by 11:59pm, Wednesday, May 24, 2017. (Please ensure that your name appears on your check or money order and provide a copy of your student ID.) If you wish to mail a check or money order for your dues, email us at for mailing address.

Thank you! The board will review your application and you will be notified of your acceptance by the end of June 2017. We will promptly return your dues payment if you are not eligible for membership.

Questions? Contact the Membership Committee at

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