New York Women's Culinary Alliance

Member Showcase:
Judy Paul

By Joyce Appelman

NYWCA Board member, hotelier, neighborhood leader—whatever title you want to bestow upon Judy Paul—it's clear that she is a very active New Yorker. And her friends, colleagues, fellow NYWCA members, and hotel guests benefit from the expertise and connections she's gained while spending the last decade helping change face of her nearby Greenwich Village and Soho neighborhoods as a member of NYC's Community Board 2.

Judy spends her days smack in the middle of Community Board 2's perimeter, offering her guests a charming B&B experience as CEO of the landmark Washington Square Hotel, which includes the North Square Restaurant and Lounge. She says, "I love the interaction with the hotel and restaurant guests and working with my family. My husband is the Managing Director of the hotel and my parents are still involved in the business."

Working alongside her husband, Judy oversees day-to-day operations for both the hotel and restaurant. A typical day includes reviewing the financial and operational results from the previous day, meeting regularly with the management teams to discuss pressing issues, and assessing strategic development for both businesses.

When asked about what she sees happening in the food and beverage world that's impacting her business, Judy says, "We've seen a significant increase in the number of clients with food allergies, particularly those requiring gluten-free dishes."

Her interest in furthering her involvement in the food and beverage world connected her to the NYWCA family five years ago, when her friend, culinary historian Alexandra Leaf, introduced her to the organization. According to Judy, "Being a member of NYWCA has allowed me to interact with other women who share a passion and expertise in the culinary world and to be a part of an organization that encourages people in the hospitality industry and business to get involved."

That commitment of involvement is something that Judy takes to heart. Even though she spends her days and nights attending to guests' needs and making sure the operations run smoothly at the 100-year-old historic hotel, she continues to find time to share her vibrant personality and "can do" spirit with the NYWCA, serving on its board and hosting many of the organization's events. She comments, "I really enjoy interacting with other women who share my passion for the culinary field. The Alliance is an amazingly supportive group, which provides not only a social element but is great for career development and networking opportunities."

In her spare time, you can find Judy road biking, downhill skiing, traveling, and studying French.

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