New York Women's Culinary Alliance

Member Showcase

The New York Women’s Culinary Alliance is a participatory organization comprised of talented individuals from all areas of the culinary industry. Below are some features written by or about members.

Member Showcase: Shin Kim

Member, Shin Kim, shares her culture and cuisine from her homeland, South Korea.

Member Showcase: Jackie Topol

Member Jackie Topol has made a living at making food seem so appealing that you just had to have it.

Member Showcase: Catherine Oddendino

Luca & Bosco's owner shares her passion for ice cream.

Member Showcase: Carolyn Zezima

Meet the president of NYC Foodscape

Member Showcase: Barbara Sibley

Meet the chef/owner of the East Village La Palapa, and NYWCA president

Member Showcase: Irene Yager

Volunteering has been a part of Irene Yager's life for as long as she can remember.

Member Showcase: Shari Bayer

Bayer, founder of a PR agency, was bit by the culinary bug early.

Member Showcase: Liz Young

Liz Young doesn't get a lot of sleep. Not surprising for somebody who grew up in the controlled chaos of a household filled with 13 children.

Member Showcase: Judy Paul

NYWCA Board member, hotelier, neighborhood leader—whatever title you want to bestow upon Judy Paul—it's clear that she is a very active New Yorker.

Member Showcase: Liz Morrill

Elizabeth Morrill, a new member to the New York Women's Culinary Alliance, wasn't planning on become president of Fizzy Lizzy, LLC

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